The Book Bus

International Service Committee Chairman, Pam Boyes’, International fund-raising project for 2022/24 is to provide an additional Book Bus to be used in Zambia

We all realise the importance of attending school and having the resources to learn. Reading is crucial for this and so I ask you all to support an international charity that enables students to access a variety of books and to have learning mentors to support them

Packed with books and featuring eye-catching and inspiring artwork by renowned illustrator Sir Quentin Blake, the Book Buses capture the imagination of children, parents and teachers alike. They provide a happy, stimulating and safe environment where children can discover the joy of reading for the first time, and which many schools and communities are simply unable to provide themselves.

The first visit of a Book Bus generates excitement and enthusiasm among communities which may not have previously appreciated the value and impact of reading for children. Each Book Bus supports a cluster of around 20 local schools, visiting each school every two weeks.

My hope is that with your help we can raise sufficient funds to buy an additional “Bus” to join the existing fleet of Book Buses. As well as buying the bus, we plan to pay for it to have the Quentin Blake artwork on the bus along with “Donated by Inner Wheel in GB&I” with an IW logo. Additionally, I hope we can provide funds to run the bus for a year including the costs of the driver and the Book Bus mentor team. The project is to run for two years and will be our International Centenary Project.

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Donations to be sent to Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB&I, 51 Warwick Square, London SW1V 2AT

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