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The President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain & Ireland 2022/23

Karen Davies

Llandeilo D.15

Ladies, it is a privilege to be your President in the year leading up to our centenary celebrations and I thank you for putting your faith in me.

As we progress from the difficult times of Covid, we must look positively to our future. We celebrate the formation of a new club but realise that we must treasure and keep our existing members. We all have expertise which we must nurture whether it be at club, district or association level.

We have much to look forward to in the coming year. Several ideas are being investigated for us to celebrate our centenary year and these will be announced throughout the forthcoming months. Blackpool though, is advanced in its preparation and I hope to see many of you there.

As things get back to normality, Inner Wheel will continue its good works for charity as well as maintaining and developing friendships. We will do what we do best. Work Wonders.

In Friendship


Find out about Karaen’s chosen charity, Air Ambulances UK

International Inner Wheel President – Zenaida Farcon

Every year, International Inner Wheel (IIW) declares a theme reflective of our calling during the times we are facing. As we head to the centennial year of IIW, it is fitting that we prepare and meet head-on the current challenges and immense problems that the world and our beloved organisation face.

After two years of COVID-19 pandemic, a new reality is presenting itself. As an international women’s organisation, we are expected to make a global response to address all the challenges in our clubs, districts, countries, and the world. More importantly, we need to adopt the best practices done worldwide as they are already proven and time-tested to promote our advocacies.

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