Inner Wheel District 3

About District 3

District 3 consists of 15 Clubs stretching from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Guisborough & Great Ayton and across to Hexham & Tynedale.

Clubs meet every month apart from August. Each Club arranges its own speakers. Every Club is visited once a year by the District Chairman for its Business Meeting.

District Chairman

District Chairman 2023-2024 Linda Willetts


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Who we support

Blood control Kits

What is being done by Lynne Baird MBE and the foundation is making a huge difference to us all.”

The Daniel Baird FoundationLynne Baird’s life was ripped apart in the Summer of 2017, when her 26 year old-son Daniel was stabbed during a fight outside a Digbeth pub. He received no first aid at the scene and bled to death shortly after reaching hospital.

The tragedy was a catalyst for Lynne to create a foundation in her son’s name. The foundation pioneered ‘bleed control kits’ for use in public venues and supplies free training in their use. So far the kits have been installed across London and the West Midlands. And we now want them in the North.

Her determination to help not only communities but the police be better equipped and trained to prevent loss of life is a fitting tribute to her son. Given a knife or car crash victim can bleed to death in less time and ambulance takes to get to them, the kits are a true life-saver.”

District 3 Officers

DISTRICT CHAIRMAN – Margaret Compton
1st Vice Chairman – TBA
Immediate Past District Chairman – Linda Burgess
District Secretary – Carole Edwards
District Treasurer – Margaret Murray
Member of Council – Cliona Kear
District Editor – Cliona Kear
International Service Chairman – Elaine leake
Membership & Development Officer – Linda Burgess

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District 3 Events

Meeting Date Place
District Committee Meeting 122/11/2023The Angela View Hotel NE9 7UB
District Committee Meeting 220/03/2024As Above
District Committee Meeting 322/05/2024As Above

Current Clubs


Bishop Auckland






Guisborough & Great Ayton

Hexham & Tynedale







(1948) BLYTH
(1954) CROOK
(1944) DURHAM
(1949) MORPETH
(1952) SEABURN

District 3 latest news

Darlington enjoy the Rally

Darlington enjoy the Rally

Darlington Inner Wheel members enjoyed a lovely day at their District Rally – albeit a very soggy day due to the constant rain. President Pauline and eight members (pictured) all agreed the rally was brilliant with Association President Anthea Tilsley attending and...

Darlington Inner Wheel

Darlington Inner Wheel

Darlington President, Pauline Youldon welcomed members and guests to our meeting. It had been a busy month for the club with members baking and providing tea and coffee for the parishioners of St Augustine’s Church after Mass on each Sunday in April, it proved to...