When do we meet?

Aldershot is part of District 14 and meets on 1st Tuesday of the month. Contact for details

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Club President

Club President Jan Clark


What do we do ?

Friendship and service is our main focus.

We continue to support the local hospice and cancer unit, and lately have raised funds for the Air Ambulance, Woodlarks and the Book Bus..

We hold fund-raising teas, help out at fetes, knit poppies, cannula sleeves, and blankets and hats for premature babies, and manage collections for Revive n Thrive. This is a local Christian concern whose volunteers collect and refurbish tools, sewing machines and dressmaking items, which are then boxed up and stored ready for shipment to countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, to facilitate education and work for the people there.

We continue to find innovative ways to help and support local and international appeals but we also have fun with our social trips out to restaurants, garden centres and other places of interest.

Early History

The Club of Aldershot was registered as Chartered on August 2, 1945 and the first meeting took place on August 6, 1945 with eleven members. The main purpose was to raise money for the ‘Save the Children Fund’ which was short of food/clothing. A whist drive took place to raise funds, and was the main way of raising funds for various post-war campaigns such as SSAFA, St John Ambulance and the Red Cross. On one occasion a raffle was held and the prize was a jar of cherries, much treasured at the time! Volunteers were recruited for street and theatre collections for the Aldershot Hospital and flag days were organised for the St. Barnardo’s Homes .

The meetings were very formal; no-one was addressed by their first names and the Minutes were hand-written and did not contain any social niceties, only the business to be conducted. The Rules were also formal. Re-election of Officers could only be conducted with two scrutineers and a member of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

It wasn’t until 1946, when the first anniversary took place, that an Afternoon Tea was held and a Birthday cake made – a real luxury at that time. Later in the year, attendance at the showing of a film and a children’s Christmas party were organised. As it was the time when the United Nations was formed, an appeal for the Earl Haig Poppy Appeal took place in November and we have continued our association with poppies until this day. One of our members also knits poppies.

Aldershot latest news

Trish at the UN

Trish at the UN

It has been a great privilege for me to be at the United Nations in my role of V.P. of International Inner Wheel. This has given me the opportunity of meeting our IIW representatives at the UN Martine Gayon and Michelle Burgess, together we have been to all the...