Marple & Goyt Valley

Where do we meet?

The Marple & Goyt Valley Club is part of Inner Wheel District 5, chartered in 1983 and currently with 9 members. Meetings are held at various venues.


When do we meet?

Meetings are held at lunchtime on the third Wednesday of every month, except August. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us via 

Club News

Club Members Enjoying a Christmas Meal Together

Club News

 40th Charter Anniversary Celebrations October 2023

We Enjoyed a delicious Afternoon Tea held at the Roman Lakes Tea Rooms in Marple Bridge.
Seventy people helped us celebrate our 40th Charter together with District Chairman Diana Ayers and our President Sue Ibbotson.
Sue welcomed everyone to the celebration and Pauline, our secretary, entertained us with a poem – Albert and The Lion by Marriott Edgar.
Jenny, the only founder member from 1983, shared wonderful memories with us all, of fun times and friendships over the years.
Diana and Sue cut our celebration cake together and Diana raised a toast in celebration of our 40th Charter.

Club News

While other members of The Inner Wheel Club of Marple and Goyt Valley were enjoying a Christmas meal at the recent District Meeting, long-time member of Inner Wheel, Cynthia Garlick set up this tree at St Martins Church in Marple Bridge thus promoting lnner Wheel.

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