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About District 26

District 26  includes Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire  and Hertfordshire. We have 15 clubs spread across the Region. This year we have 3 District Chairmen, sharing the role for 4 months at a time. Recently several clubs joined forces to help with a massive project to help the Milton Keynes Foodbank where we broke the Guinness World Record for length of line of tins, which spread across the park for 7 Km.

            Who we are

Members of D26 contribute to MK Foodbank Record- beating event

Who we support

Women and Girls exists to provide women and girls in India with sanitary protection that is culturally and geographically sensitive, kind to the environment and the key to helping women and girls be healthier, happier and free to fulfil their potential.

We supply women and girls with two types of sanitary protection: Saakfins™ and Safepads™. Both Saafkins and Safepads are produced in India, meaning we are helping to support the local economy, and both are made of material that is inherently anti-bacterial. This means that the sanitary protection can be washed in dirty water and remains clean and hygienic to use.

By fundraising in the UK to distribute Saafkins and Safepads, we are able to supply women and girls with a product that provides comfort, dignity and freedom because we believe that no one should be held back by the natural process of menstruation. We are helping to end period poverty in communities where there are no other options.

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The District 26 Year

Our District Year starts with the Handover at the beginning of July and shortly afterwards we have District Assembly, in the middle of July, which sometimes is on Zoom.
Our Rally is usually the first District event of the year in October, followed by 3 District Meetings, one in November, one in March and one in June.
Recently we have experimented with District meetings on Zoom if they are in the evening (when nobody wants to travel especially in winter), with lunch events when the days are longer. In March 2024 we are having a Zoom meeting for the business and then a social lunch, thus separating the 2 parts of the usual District Meeting.
Our International Services Luncheon is another mainly social event in May or June.

District 26 Officers

DISTRICT CHAIRMAN: Christina Yanetsky, sharing role with Issy Wilkinson and  Judith Byard
District Secretary – Alison Gardiner

District Treasurer – Lorna Swain

Member of Council – Brenda Lowe

District Editor – Jennifer  Versey

International Service Chair – Meryl Dolling

Membership & Development – Lorna Swain

  • Our 3 District Chairmen 50% 50%

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District 26 Events


Meeting Date Place
District Committee Meeting 2 07/03/2024 Zoom
District Social Meeting 20/03/2024 Aubrey Park Hotel, Hemel Hempstead
District Committee Meeting 3 26/06/2024 TBA
International Service Luncheon 05/06/24 Broadway Hotel, Letchworth


Current Clubs

Ampthill & District

Berkhamsted Bulbourne



Flitwick Vale

Harpenden Village



Letchworth Garden City

Luton Chiltern and Luton North

Luton North

Newport Pagnell




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