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About District 23

District 23 is one of the three Scottish districts. It lies to the west of Scotland and stretches from Oban in the north to Stranraer in the south. It is almost a crescent shaped area.

At present we have 14 clubs with a membership of around 240. Of the clubs, 6 are either seaside towns or very close to the sea. Oban is the  port for ferries to some of the best known Scottish islands while Stranraer is very close to the ferry terminus for Belfast and Larne. The district is a mix of those who live close to Glasgow and those in more rural areas.

Who we are

What is our aim

Our District Meetings are held in Glasgow which is easily accessible from most Up until 1972, there were only 2 districts in Scotland. District 2 was at that time becoming much too large so the decision was taken to spilt into 2 districts with District 23 being situated to the west of what is now the M74. Over the years clubs have disbanded for various reasons but District 23 continues to work hard for charity and has kept together during the last few difficult years.

Events such as our District Rally are held in different venues. The Rally this year is to be held in the Trades Hall Glasgow on Monday May 20th 2024

Clubs meet once a month for the formal meetings but many other informal get-togethers take place in between. Some clubs continue to meet in the evening while a number have recently opted for afternoon meetings. Clubs do not meet during July and August but resume in early September.

In 2022 we celebrated linking with District 88 in Germany with an exchange of gifts and Friendship certificates. Close contact continues and we hope to visit the 2025 in celebration of their year of culture.

District 23 aims to celebrate and promote the work of Inner Wheel and its many activities that through our friendship touches the lives of many locally and internationally. It is hoped to “Shine a Light” on the work we do and on those who go above and beyond in their efforts to help and support others.

The challenge this year, (100 Ways to make a Difference)  is for us to raise our efforts in celebration of Inner Wheel’s 100th birthday which was started in Manchester in 1924 by Margarette Golding indeed we have a commemorative rose which was launched  at the Chelsea Flower Show this year in her honour.




Each of the 29 Districts and their clubs supports many charities. This is encapsulated in a variety of activities. Volunteering, providing a service to the local community, fundraising and providing knitting/sewing articles which give peace, comfort or enhance a person’s quality of life.

Working alongside other organisations, Inner Wheel members aim to Empower Women, Children and their families and improve their opportunities to access Health and Education. As an international organisation the core values are shared the world over.  In particular this year, the Charities suggested are those which support Women and Mental health.

Each year the Association President selects a national charity which is important to her. Association President Anthea Tilsley supports BEAT.

Our District has 5 District Chairmen who look forward to strengthen our membership and promote Inner Wheel. There is no District charity however we support the 100 for100  activities in celebration of Inner Wheel, 100 years as an organisation. 

Last year, Past District Chairman Caroline Berwick and team of ladies made a great contribution of £1600 for Alzheimer Scotland by taking part in the Memory and Kilt walks.

Clubs often come up with innovative ways to raise money. Even during lockdown at least one club continued to hold Zoom coffee mornings where the cost of a cup of coffee was carefully squirrelled away! Clubs are free to choose their own favourite charities and all money raised is calculated nationally at the end of the Inner Wheel year.

International charities are not forgotten – Book Bus Appeal, Hope and Homes. Hamlin Fistula, Mary’s Meals

Memory Walk in Aid of Alzheimer Scotland

District Chairman Caroline, Inner Wheel Club of Kilmarnock President Margo and Past District Chairman Joann took part in the Memory Walk in aid of Alzheimer Scotland. Their walk of 5K was on the Promenade in Largs, Ayrshire. The sum of £550 was raised. Thanks to all who gave their support.

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 District Chairman Caroline

 The District 23 Year

This year our District celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Clubs were free to choose their own ways of marking this. Trees were planted, exhibitions set up, tea parties held and inter-club events organised.

Our original District Chairman’s chain was framed and serves as a reminder of many years of friendship. District Chairman Joann Allan had the honour of wearing the new chain with the 50th Anniversary ribbon.

Coming together again after the pandemic allowed members to meet new friends and attend events held by other clubs. The real highlight of the year was the District Rally where friends met up, exchanged news and TALKED almost non-stop.

Looking forward, this year District 23 members have agreed to support their Chairman Caroline Berwick’s charity Alzheimer Scotland. This is a charity close to many members heart.

In June this year the Inner Wheel Club of Dumbarton celebrated their 60th Anniversary with a lunch in the Abbotsford Hotel, Dumbarton

Above is the Photo of  President Carol Tennant, District Chairman Joann and club members.

District 23 Officers

                    District Chairman: Caroline Berwick

Treasurer: Anne Morton       Secretary: Dorothy Cree

 International  Service:     Jessie Murray       Editor:   Joann Allan

Membership and Development : Ann Urwin   Past District Chairman: Joann Allan

Member of Council       Margaret Davidson



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District 23 Events

District Committee Meeting 211AM 16/11/23Renfield St Stephen Centre Glasgow
District Committee Meeting 311 AM 07/03/24As Above
District Committee Meeting 4 +AGM11 AM 01/06/24As Above
District Rally20/05/24
10 for 10.30 AM

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Kilmarnock and Loudoun


Newton Stewart


Newton Stewart

Renfrew and Govan



District 23 latest news

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