District 18 World Inner Wheel Day 2019

District 18 World Inner Wheel Day 2019

Inner Wheel Day

District 18 celebrate Inner Wheel Day.

District 18 MOC Sandra welcomed over 60 members to celebrate International Inner Wheel Day 2021. After reading the Inner Wheel Prayer, greetings were received from Association President Enid, who was present at the meeting, and International President Dr Bina via a letter read by District Secretary Angela.

MOC Sandra then invited each club to give an update on their activities. The varied responses proved that, whilst still adhering to government restrictions during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Inner Wheel Members are still finding ingenious ways to provide much needed support within their local communities and further afield. Examples of service included sewing face masks and scrubs; distributing food parcels collected as a ‘Reverse Advent’ challenge; donating toiletries to Refuge Centres and hospitals; delivering hot meals to those who are isolated; and raising money for charity whilst having fun via Zoom raffles and competitions.

Vice President Carol then introduced Alyson, the speaker for the evening, who delighted everyone present with her tales of the origins of Penhaligon’s and the exotic scents they sell.

The meeting concluded with a rendition of the Inner Wheel Song.

Other News & Events

100 for 100 Lingerie Collected D12

100 for 100 Lingerie Collected D12

The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Tunbridge Wells collected bras, pants and sanitary items for the Ukraine. The photo shows a selection of the items that will be going by lorry to aid the women so desperately in need.  

District 8 members at the Centenary Lunch in London

District 8 Chairman Deirdre Rothwell reported that it was a wonderful Celebration lunch, delicious meal and superbly entertained with a singer. 350 members attended many dressed in 1920’s style outfits. It was an excellent example of Inner Wheel friendship and...